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Greenbridge CDC was founded in 2006 by Dan Kleinman and RuthAnn Purchase; learn more here. Dan passed away in 2010.

Seeing the deep schisms in our country over black and white, Republican and Democrat, gay and heterosexual, and more, they began their own process of transformation by asking… Could green bridge the gap between red and blue? 

Back then, Dan & RuthAnn hoped to answer some of these questions, together with their community in Southeastern PA and Delaware. They listened, researched, facilitated, and celebrated with music created by Dan and others; more about their process here. Regrettably, a lot was lost when we lost Dan.

Today, in 2022, RuthAnn continues the work. Stay tuned as we restore and rebuild this website, and add new projects we find ourselves knee-deep in!

2022 Board 

  1. RuthAnn Purchase — Ruthann co-founded Greenbridge CDC back in 2006 with Dan Kleiman. Today, RuthAnn’s role is President of Greenbridge. Professionally, RuthAnn is a Cultural Contextualization Coach. More about RuthAnn here.
  2. Meenal Raval — Over the winter of 2021-22, Meenal stepped up to create a web presence for both Greenbridge CDC and the Lenape Union Land Trust. Meenal was inspired by our work at the Lenape Forest Garden, especially the project of re-introducing fresh water mussel. Recently retired, Meenal is currently a Co-Treasurer for Sierra Club’s Southeastern PA Group.
  3. Simon James — After a degree in Philosophy and Music, Simon is a musician turned Permaculturist. For Greenbridge CDC, Simon is Treasurer. And for the Lenape Union Land Trust, Simon is volunteer coordinator. You’ll often find Simon at concert venues!
  4. *JT Johnson — JT is a citizen of the Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware, a Trustee of Immanuel United Methodist Church in Cheswold, and a Volunteer Accountant for our local Fire Hall.
  5. *Stephen Gardenia Clark — Gardenia is a citizen of the Nanticoke Tribe and keen to integrate teachings from his Elders and Permaculture.


  • RuthAnn Purchase
  • Simon Purchase James
  • Stephen (Gardenia) Clark with the Nanticoke Lenape Tribe in Delaware
  • JT Johnson with the Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware


  • John “Ted” Glick — Author, Chesapeake Climate Action Network 

Page last updated: Feb 8, 2022